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Buy Bitcoins Instantly with Venmo

How to Buy Bitcoins with Venmo in Seven Easy Steps

Venmo is widely thought of to be one of the most commonly used financial technologies on the current market.

Mobile apps and PayPal now accept Venmo as a legitimate form of payment. It was originally meant to transfer small dollar amounts between people who know one another, but it has evolved. You can now use Venmo as a virtual wallet and perform more complex transactions, such as buying cryptocurrency. This has led a lot of people to ask, “How to buy bitcoins with Venmo?”

How to Buy Bitcoins with Venmo – Seven Steps

There are seven easy steps you take to be able to purchase bitcoins with Venmo. It all starts by setting up your Venmo account.

Step One – Register for Your Venmo Account

It only takes a few minutes to register and set up this account through Venmo. To start, go to Venmo and sign up using either your Facebook login or your email address. The site will ask you to set a password and input your phone number. Venmo will then send you an authorization code to help you verify your account. You can now sign in and look for Payment Methods. You can link your bank account, credit cards, or debit cards here to receive and send money.

Step Two – Pick Out a Bitcoin Platform that Accepts Venmo

Once you have your Venmo account set up, it's time to find a Bitcoin platform that will allow you to buy cryptocurrency using this app. Biexm is one such platforms. All you have to do is open an account to start the process.

Step Three – Register Your Biexm Account

Go to Biexm and click on the Sign Up For Free link. This will give you access to your free Bitcoin wallet. If you already have an active account, you can skip to step two. Go to the email you created your account with to verify all of your details.

Step Four – Search for Relevant Advertisements

Log in and go to “buy Bitcoins” in the search box and decide how much you want to buy. Input your location and pick Venmo as your preferred payment method. If you pick “Select all Online Offers” under the payment area, it’ll give different payment options you can use. The site will then search for any Bitcoin traders in your local region.

Step Five – Pick an Advertisement

Pick an advertisement that has a high trade value and a good reputation score. To find out more about a specific advertisement, click on the “buy” button to bring up more relevant information.

Step Six – Pay Your Chosen Seller

When you pick a seller, select the “buy” button again. Type the amount of bitcoins you want to purchase to start buying bitcoins through Venmo. When you finish, send the seller a short message with a send trade request. You should be ready to make a payment at this time.

Step Seven – Complete the Trade and Make Your Payment

Click the “paid” button when you make the payment. The trader will verify that they got your payment, and this will trigger a bitcoin release from escrow. The bitcoins will show up in your Biexm wallet in your account. To make more purchases, you’ll have to find vendors that accept Venmo as a valid payment method. Now you know how to buy bitcoins with Venmo. And you can follow these steps to initiate more transactions and get as much bitcoin as you need safely and efficiently.