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Cómo comprar Bitcoin en Venezuela

How to Buy Bitcoin In Venezuela - Cómo comprar Bitcoin en Venezuela


Venezuela is a shining example of adopting cryptocurrency during the economic crisis. As the Venezuelan government continues to struggle to resolve its economic crisis, more and more Venezuelans are turning to alternative currencies instead of its national currency. Alternative currencies are used in conjunction with the national currency but are not generally legal and not regulated by the government agencies.


In Venezuela, the use of alternative currencies has increased only due to the failure of the national currency. The new currency acts as a medium of exchange, a source of value and a unit of account.


When the value of money in a country dries up, they always come up with a creative idea to meet the demand for money.Venezuela is no exception. The alternative they come up with instead of the national currency is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


Bitcoins in Venezuela

Bitcoin is the first modern cryptocurrency to be used as a medium of exchange worldwide. This includes decentralized controls and allows users to keep their identities secret and keep records through blockchain. Users of this cryptocurrency have unique information stored in the "Wallet" cloud that confirms them as temporary owners of the Bitcoin unit. Using Bitcoin, Venezuelan users can import food, medicine and other products through e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart and many more.


How to buy Bitcoin In Venezuela

You have already seen the importance of Bitcoin in Venezuela and how people are using Bitcoin instead of their own national currency, bolivar. Debit or credit card payment options are available on most exchanges operating in Venezuela. So, using your debit or credit card, you can buy bitcoin. For this you have to fill KYC. Now, there are many online cryptocurrency websites from where you can easily buy bitcoin. But before buying, keep in mind some tips. These tips are given below:


Choose the right time

In Venezuela, you need to do some research and choose the right time before entering the market. Then you can buy Bitcoin at a good price.


Safety and security 

You need to choose a secure platform to buy Bitcoin. The security measures of different trading platforms should also be carefully studied and compared before selecting a particular service provider.


Comparing cost

Each trading platform will charge a specific fee for its services such as deposit fee, transaction fee, withdrawal fees etc. You need to check all such costs before signing up on any single platform. Also, you need to compare costs with other platforms. And then you have to choose a secure platform where you can get it at the lowest cost.


Now if you are looking for such a website in Venezuela, you can check out the Biexm platform. You can easily buy bitcoin with a low amount of money. This is a secure and most reliable platform to buy and sell bitcoin.



Venezuela is the third-largest user of cryptocurrency in the world. You will find many merchants and service providers accepting Bitcoin freely for products and services. From this explanation above, you can understand the importance of Bitcoin in Venezuela.